The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Reveiw

Charlie is a sixteen year old social outcast. Unnoticed, unpopular, unappreciated and bullied at school, a wallflower. Charlie will do anything to avoid the school bus including taking the excruciating forty minute walk home. However Charlie’s life is about to change forever when he starts high school.

Now, I know this sounds all too familiar, the geek who turned chic?. But don’t be fooled as Stephen Chbosky’s ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ will have you gasping and amazed with every singles turn of the page. This book is so much more than your typical teenage coming-of-age drama.

The book is a series of letters written by Charlie to a mysterious ‘friend’ and throughout these letters we learn all about Charlie’s life, his new wallflower friends, his sporadic sister and of course, Charlie himself. In the letters Charlie writes about school life and in particular his advanced English teacher Bill who gives Charlie books to read and because Charlie one day hopes to be an author, he writes essays on them.

Even though we know all about Charlie’s life he is still a man of mystery; he sometimes gets so angry that he sees things and blacks out. Part of the reason for this is that just before he started high school his best friend, Michael, committed suicide but there is a much more sinister and twisted reason behind them too. While in school Charlie meets two amazing new friends Called Sam and Patrick (who are step bother and sister) and they introduce Charlie to a whole new world of partying, drugs and good music. For the first time in forever, Charlie has real friends.

What makes this book so unique is that it’s extremely relatable with a lot of teenagers today. If you read this book as an adult you can’t help but be taken back to the time when you were a teenager yourself and if you’re a teenager reading it then it can make you feel like your are not alone after all and will completely and utterly inspire you.

Chbosky’s way of writing really makes us feel in touch with the character of Charlie and it really makes you connect with him on a whole different level. Chbosky really keeps you guessing and hooked until the very last page and I thoroughly believe Chbosky deserves the acclaim he has received.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is a must read for everyone!

The Master

A painted smile upon his face,
that helps him embrace,
the treacherous days.

You see, he paints a smile so he can hide,
his heart of gold is breaking inside.
Nobody could believe that this happy soul,
could ever feel so low.

For he was the master.
But fool me, he does not,
as much as he tries.

For I am the master of exposing,
the master of emotional disguise.

Paige Bowen


Hello everyone!

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My goal? Yes to be published and earn a living from bashing a keyboard and turning the paper pages of this blog from digital wood pulp into art. But, to also express my views in this upside down world we live in and maybe comfort someone in need.

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