A Mothers love


Rose 1 , 19

Rose 2 , 10

Rebeccsa , 39

Lisa, 30 & 39

Chris , 52



the play is set in present day and take place over an entire day .





CHris office – stage will contain 2 chairs, a coffee table and a filing cabnet.


Roses room – will contain only a desk, a chair, a desk lamp and a bookshelf.


a coffee shop – will contain only 2 chairs and a table



Scene I-1: Chris’ office.

(ROSE 1 is sitting crossed legged on her chair with a cup in her hand.

CHRIS is sitting on the other side of the coffee table. His cup is also in his hands while a folder sits on the table.)



You know, it may help if you talked to me during these sessions Rose. You did really well last week and actually told me the reason you’re here.


I know, I’m sorry. I just really struggle to talk about her.


I know you do and I can completely understand why. From what you told me it can’t have been easy to go through all that. Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?

rOSE 1



How long has it been since you last your mother?


9 years ago, it was my step-sisters’ funeral.


So you were just 10 years old when you made that decision?


Yeah. I stopped seeing her a good while before the funeral but obviously, there was no way I wasn’t going to it. Seeing her there was worth it to say goodbye.


How old was she?


My mother?


Your sister.


Only 14. She got hit, died instantly.


And what was her relationship like with your mother. Her step-mother I’m assuming.


Yeah. Lisa was her step mother but their relationship was better than mine and hers by far. It wasn’t great thought, they were constantly up and down.


And how did that make you feel?


Awful. My mother treated me like dirt yet I had to watch her treat the others way better than she ever did me. She hated me because I was a freak, because I was medically different from the others.


Did she tell you this?


She didn’t have to. I couldn’t be a slag and give her grandkids at a young age so I was of no use to her.


Last week, you were telling about your last Christmas there. Why don’t you continue that story for me.


I was just sitting there on the sofa, playing with my new DS and listening to music on my IPOD …







You pathetic, ungrateful child! All the others are running around playing and you’re just sitting there sulking!


I’m not sulking, playing with my dogs mammy. look! He’s second in Frisbee now.





I don’t give a damn! You stupid fucking child! You’re an ungrateful shit. Get your shoes on, I’m taking you back you back to your father.


But it’s our year to have Christmas with you.


You’re going. Now!


What about Nathan?


Your brother is staying here. Get them on now!


Stage fades to black for 10 seconds before lighting up to reveal that we are back in Chris’ office.



When I got home, she told Rebecca and my dad that I was ill. They knew she was lying but there was nothing they could do. They’d never stop me seeing her but I made the decision to stop that night. It was ages before she asked to see me again but I kept saying no when she asked, until March. That’s when I said I was never going down there again.




That time when the air you breath.

feels like ice in your lungs,

but at the same time feels cleaner,

fresher than ever before.

When your baths feel safe and calm,

as the heat travels through your body,

and you no longer feel numb.

When you are walking down the street,

surrounded by a sea of red noses,

an assortment of hats and scarves,

as people try to protect themselves.

when you can feel the crunch beneath your feet,

as you complete your daily tasks,

not noticing the beauty around you,

as the warmth of home summons you.

That’s when you know,

Winter is coming.

Teenage Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness among teenagers is a very sensitive topic that nobody seems to talk about but how can the problem get solved if everybody ignores it? According to the guardian self harm among teenage girls aged between 13 and 16 rose by a harrowing 68% in just three years. Bare in mind that is just females, I sadly couldn’t find the statistics for teenage boys, which is a worrying sign in itself because as we all know, boys are just as affected by it as us females are. Self harm is a very common sign of an underlying mental struggle and you’ll often hear people say ‘it’s just for attention’ but if it was for attention they’d been going around telling every Tom, Dick and Harry. But they aren’t, are they? They’re hiding it under long sleeves, they’re buying food in front of people only to throw it in the bin when alone and they’re pulling hair out from places people won’t see it. Lots of people when they hear self harm, their mind goes to cutting, unaware that it could range from; pulling hair out, burning themselves and even not eating as they feel they don’t deserve to. Self harm is anything you do to yourself as a form of punishing yourself. Now, if they are doing it for attention maybe that’s a cry for help, they want someone to help them to be okay again and they think that’s the only way someone will listen to them.

      Teenage depression is also on the uprise because of all the stress that today’s youth is under. The Independent claims that rates of depression in teens has risen by 70% in the last 25 years and that is a very frightening statistic when you really think about what it means. Depression can be a gateway to so many other mental illness such as anxiety, eating disorders and It can even trigger bipolar which is why if you noticed signs of depression in someone, you should encourage them to get treatment as soon as they can. Now that won’t be easy as people suffering from severe depression generally believe they can’t be helped but don’t give up doing everything in your power to help. Let them know that they are not alone. Teenagers these days are under so much stress as they have lots of big decisions to make and some of them just aren’t ready to make those decisions or they simply don’t know what the best ones are for them. They’re under pressure to pass exams so they they can have a bright future, meaning they have to know what they want to do in the future but they’re only young! And the pressure of planning their entire lives when they have years ahead is a root cause for teenage depression. Another common cause is feeling pressured to look a certain way or be keeping with what is popular and if they don’t look the way they’re told they should , they’re confidence will hit the floor. Even though they’re perfect

     There are thousands of suicide attempts every day and 4 out of 5 of the victims would have shown signs of needing help. If you’re a parent of a teenager and you make the discovery that your child is self harming or depressed or suicidal, don’t tell them off. Praise them for coming to you and seeking the help they need because that would not have been easy to do. 

If you’re suffering from mental health issues and reading this, know that somebody cares and there is always someone who will be there to help you.

    If you really do feel alone but talking to someone could really help you and potentially save your life then call The Samaritans (116-123). They are an amazing 24 hour support service who save hundreds of lives and they are always there for you. You can also send me an email via the Contact Us page on my blog and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you. But no matter what, know you’re not alone. 

Chapter One

Up the hill, through the park; across the road and up the six steps that leads to my front door. That’s the route I travel every morning to visit my parents. Running through the park is always the highlight of my day because I can just absorb all the beauty it possesses; the luscious green grass, the large pond that is home to four small ducks; the glorious fountain that stands in the centre and the children’s area that fills the whole park with joyous laughter. I spent a lot of my childhood here and it was without a doubt, my favourite place in the whole world. I would spend many an hour just sitting here and watching the day go by as the sun beams down onto me. It was like my second home.
“Hey, Mam and Dad,” I entered the kitchen to be greeted by the image of my parents that are both still half asleep, yet have work in half an hour.
“Morning Ang.” I chuckled at their ‘sleepy’ tone, which draws out a yawn from me and as always, Mam has to repeat herself.
“Angela, honey, you need to go to bed earlier. You look exhausted.”
“I know Mam, but I decide to just read a chapter before bed but once I pick up the book, I can’t put it down.” I defended my regular two am bedtime.
“Well, at least you’re not on the internet, I s’pose.” Dad chuckled and picked up a homemade pancake from the breakfast table before drizzling lemon juice over it. “Right, I’ve got to love you and leave you both.” He quickly kissed Mam, ruffled my hair and then shoved the rolled up pancake into his mouth, before leaving for the restaurant.
About six years ago Dad decided to open his own restaurant chain and from day one it has been a massive success. He is head chef there and I may be biased but I have to say his food is remarkable, and other people must think so too because he now has sixteen restaurants throughout Wales and he will soon be expanding into London. Of course he can’t be the chef in all these restaurants so he has to hire ones who follow his recipes precisely; he makes them all do trail runs first of course.
After Dad left, Mam seized the opportunity for the ‘mother-daughter bonding time ‘ she loved so much – only because she gets to invade my life in almost a ’20 questions’ sort of way.
She decided to start this delightful conversation that I “so” wanted to be having by handing me a pancake, saying “So, how are things with you and David?”
“Good. Actually, things are really great.” I smiled out of habit at hearing his name and the self-acknowledgement that we were actually happy.
“Good. I’m glad.” She replied awkwardly, I knew immediately what was to follow.
“So … Um … Have you two … been intimate yet?”
“MAM!” I yelled placing my head into my hands ready for the earth to swallow me whole and let me die from embarrassment. I swear to God she has no boundaries whatsoever.
“What! You’ve been together nearly six years honey and you’ve been living together for the last two weeks. Not to mention the fact I’m your mother, I should know these things so you feel like you can talk to me.”
“I’m only staying there because for some reason you forced me to and no! You don’t need to know. It’s called privacy, look it up. And just so you know; no, we have not had sex!” She knew she’d crossed the line. There are certain things that you do not ask your teenage daughter. This is one of them.
I guess having sex at seventeen is pretty normal these days, considering the legal age is sixteen, but I haven’t been ready to. Well, until just recently that is. I haven’t brought the topic with David (yet) and neither has he; he did once before, but I told him I wasn’t ready and he hasn’t mentioned it to me since, which probably means now I will have to.
“Well, that’s good.” I grabbed my plate so I could chuck it in the sink and run before she was able to ask any more inappropriate questions. As I wandered into the hallway I heard her mutter to herself – the sentence itself was unbelievable “a virgin huh? I’m starting to like that boy a little bit more now.”
“I heard that!” I scream back, a hint of embarrassed laughter in my angry tone.
My parents have never been David’s biggest fans because he comes from a very quiet family and they have this thing called ‘boundaries’ – something my parents would never understand, but he has been slowly moving up on their scale of likability.
Recently, I had collapsed due to tiredness and over working. Luckily, David was there and he was able to take me to the hospital – an ambulance would have taken too long for his liking. Ever since then my parents have been a lot more welcoming to him which is about bloody time too considering that we have been together for nearly seven years.

I entered the living room to see I had received a text from my best mate, Charity.
“Hey, fancy coming to the shopping centre later? X”
“Who’s going?” I questioned knowing she’d probably invite her jackass of a boyfriend
“Just me, you and Joe x.” Of course, he was going.
“Do u mind if I invite Dave? Don’t want to be the third wheel and all.” What else could I say? I wasn’t going to tell her that her boyfriend is a piece of shit who doesn’t treat her right.
“Of course you can A x.” I dial David’s number instantly because I for one will need all the support I can get to cope with Joe’s tedious ways.
“Hey gorgeous girl,” – this is how he always answers and I smile every single time I read it.
“Hey, will you come to the mall with me, Charity and Joe later?”
“Of course; that jackass is getting nowhere near you without me there. I don’t want to sound possessive or anything but I hate that dude” David hates Joe as much as I did because he dislikes men who don’t respect women. If it was any other man he would have been fine with me going out with them; the fact Joe tried to make a move on me at a New Years party once only made that worse.
“Thanks, babe.”
“Anytime, I gotta go. Mum’s calling to help her get the shopping in. I love you.”
“Love you too.” We weren’t one of these ‘I love you more’ couples – too cheesy for our liking, they made us want to poke our eyes out.
I had to be quick changing out of my running clothes and doing my make-up as David was picking me up at eleven and it was already ten thirty. I opened the front door to be greeted by his sapphire eyes staring at me. He is wearing a blue and black checkered shirt that hugs his body perfectly and a grin on his face that I love so much.
“Hey babe, you ready?”
“Yeah, two secs,” I call to Mam “I’M OFF!!”
“Okay, honey. Hey, David” My mum added quickly when she spotted him as she pokes her head round the living room door.
“Hey, Mrs Mason.”
“David, you’ve been dating my daughter for six years. Please call me Sandra”
“Yes, ma’… I mean Sandra”
I chuckled and lead David to the car before he could embarrass himself even more. We get to the shopping centre fifteen minutes later and we were greeted by Charity and Joe, but much to my surprise our other friend Bethany was there as well.
I’d always been jealous of Bethany because she had everything that a guy would look for in a girl; She was slim, had curly blonde hair, big boobs and was extremely beautiful in every way possible, it like she had been engineered as the perfect woman. But at the same time I would never want to be her because then I wouldn’t have David and that would be worse than anything. I would never change my short height or fiery red locks (I love) if it meant losing him.
We all had a great time in the shopping centre which ended up in us carrying loads of bags; especially David who insisted on carrying some of mine as well. He decided to treat me, as per usual, and was buying me things all day, even though I tried refuse on many occasions, of course, it didm’t stop him. He ended up buying me: four books, a top, coffee and a McDonald’s meal, one of my personal favourites because he made jokes saying I needed to eat more of them to fatten me up a bit. He was always giving me sweet, yet subtle, compliments. I tried and tried to stop him buying me stuff, but he wouldn’t listen. ”I’m going to treat you like a boy should treat his girl.” And “it’s my job to spoil you.” I think he might have also wanted to prove a point to Joe – who just paid for Charity’s coffee in Starbucks. Personally, I believe that a boy doesn’t have to buy loads of things to prove he loves his girlfriend, David believes the same but it still doesn’t stop him doing it anyway.
I spoil him too, of course. He means the world to me and has done ever since I was eleven. He will always mean the world to me. One day, I hope to marry him and start a family; I know that sounds extremely forward, but we have been together so long that I’m bound to feel that way. I want us to be together until we are old and grey.

Review: One Tree Hill by CW network (TV Series)

From the CW network comes the hit show, One Tree Hill. Forget all you know about those cheesy teenage shows because this … is something else.

This show has everything teenagers are looking for in a contemporary drama these days. It has humour, hot guys, beautiful woman, good msuic and most importantly, issues that they can relate to. One Tree Hill is a show that will have you glued to the screen for hours on end and pretty soon you won’t be able to get that catchy theme song by Gavin DeGraw out of your head.

I know what you’re probably thinking; oh great,another typical teenage drama and I bet it’ll be just like ‘The O.C’. Right? … WRONG!

While both shows are centred around teenagers, One Tree Hill tackles much more sensitive issues such as sex, drugs, adoption and family crisis’. One Tree Hill addresses these issues in a much more realistic portrayal and doesn’t unnecessarily over dramatise them, unlike most U.S TV dramas. The only real similarity between One Tree Hill and the other shows is the use of the clichéd love triangle but hey, who doesn’t love a good old romance plot?

The show in set in a fictional town in North Carolina, USA called Tree Hill. It follows the lives of two feuding brothers Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) and Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and their sidekicks; bookworm Haley James (Bethany Joy Lens), fashionista Brooke Davies and punk child Peyton Swayer (Hilarie Burton). This attractive and young cast all put in believable performances which makes you engage with their characters.
However, there are not just young attractive people in this show, you also the older generation consisting of Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), Karen Rhodes (Moira Kelly), Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer) and Deb Scott (Barbra collins). Not to mention the hilarious Coach Whitey Durham (Barry Corbin). The older generation bring a reassuring presence to show with their remarkable performances particularly Paul Johansson and Moira Kelly who play the main older roles of the evil dad Dan and struggling single mum Karen.

One Tree Hill is possibly one of the most underrated TV shows out there which is mainly due to the preconceptions people have about shows based on teenagers. They assume it’s going to be like all the current TV shows, which are full of whining girls crying over boys but One Tree Hill brings something different. Something new. I mean you don’t see many shows with a Shakespearean like plot storylines and themes. Do you?. Also, due to that main backstory, it allows the older generation to have just as much screen time as the younger generation which is something you don’t see very often. The story Mark Schwahn has created here is truly unique and one you can easily relate to..

I highly recommend that all teenage TV Show fanatics give this a watch!

No me, in beautiful. 

Such beautiful eyes, 

Yet full of despair.

But to others

appear not to have a single care. 
Pale rose lips, 

That to her,

feel as though they don’t exist. 

Towards them she feels, 

nothing but hatred.
Those sprinkles brown dots, 

Upon her cheeks and nose,

That’s give a summer glow. 

She wants nothing,

But for them to go. 
 Her Scarlett cheeks, 

Do reveal, 

What she does truly feel. 

The hate inside her, 

Growing by day. 
She has no choice, 
But to let her ‘imperfections’ be,

With that, 

A life full of sorrow,

She will lead.

Forgotten Memories

Old Mrs Evans had been a resident at Old-Mill Care Home for the last seven years , but she didn’t know that of course; Her memories faded as quick as they were made these days. she was a gentle woman with a great fondness for animals and even as the brunette hair on her head faded to grey, her kindness did not. She liked her room to be simple, containing only a small TV and picture of a baby boy who had long since faded from her memory. Everybody agreed she was as sweet as the tea she drank but as mad as a hater, in the good way of course.
Jack was a relatively young boy, only in his early twenties, but he was old before his time with the stress of his daily life. He would arrive at Old-Mill every morning at eight and he would care for Mrs Evans as best as he could. Each morning he would carry a tray to mrs Evans’ room containing an assortment of her favourite breakfast dishes so that she could decide which was her favourite that day. He would prop her up and introduce himself, again, before allowing her to choose what she’d like.
She would always smile when she saw hi, a smile that was as gleeful as that of a mother see her new born child. He would re-read the first chapter of her favourite novel ‘ Jane Eyre’ and eveytime it was like she was hearing it for the first time. She would often fall asleep when Jack was reading as found it comforting, as it was the voice of someone she cherished. one day, she remembered why that was and she smiled at Jack as she said ‘ why did you tell me you’re my blue eyed baby boy from the photo’. Jacks face lit up as he leapt up from his seat to find the nurse; she was remembering for the first time in years!
He couldn’t find the nurse and so he decided to head back to her room but by the time he got there, he was too late. Mrs Evans was completely still and colour was slowly draining from her skin bur she looked peaceful at last. She was no longer haunted by her forgotten memories but tears still streamed down Jacks face as he realised what happened.

He leant down and gave his mother a final kiss goodbye.